Terms and Conditions of Pineapple Postcards Design & Artwork Services:

1 – Use of the Kiosk:

The operation of the kiosk is at your own risk.

Parents are responsible for their children.

Don’t operate the kiosk if some damage can be seen.

Use your fingers to touch the touchscreen only.

Don’t touch the touchscreen if there is a crack in it.

Don’t lean on the kiosk.

Don’t upset the kiosk.

Don’t pull out the power cable.

Wanton damages will be prosecuted.

Pineapple Postcard Design & Artwork Services is not liable for any injury, hurt or losses of any kind that may occur before, while or after using the kiosk or because of the kiosk.

2 – Photo Upload:

All photos uploaded to the server of Pineapple Postcards are encrypted. Photos are only stored during your session and will be deleted afterwards.
Pineapple Postcards shall safeguard and protect the photos from theft, piracy, or unauthorized access in a manner at least consistent with the protections Pineapple Postcards uses to protect its own most confidential information. In case of theft, piracy or unauthorized access it is understood that Pineapple Postcards is not liable and is not criminal offense.

3 – Various:

Pineapple Postcards is not liable for any smudged text on the postcard due to the use of a wrong pen nor does Pineapple Postcards give any refund for any wrong use or damages if it happens after the postcard(s) come out of the kiosk in a well condition.

Pineapple Postcards is not liable for any damages due transportation, shipping, or wrong handling of the postcard(s) from any third party.

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